About Us

Who we are

Angulit, Inc. (pronounced, “anggyuh-lit”) is a local startup founded in Springfield Illinois in early 2017. The company focuses on creating consumer electronics that will assist less tech-savvy people in interacting and troubleshooting electronics without manuals and calls to tech support.

Our Products

Angulit Glo is one of the most simple Internet monitoring tools available. Glo connects to the users’ wireless internet and monitors it. As long as Glo is able to reach the outside world, it will glow a steady blue color. This indicates your network is functioning as expected. However, should your network slow down beyond use, or begin to drop connections, ‘Glo’ will begin pulsing red to alert you that there is a problem.
More to come.

Why This is Important

Through Glo, we are empowering people to skip unnecessary calls to their Internet providers and to help themselves when they have Internet issues. These features are exceptionally useful for individuals who do not know how to troubleshoot their own devices, or who have their modems and routers located in far away rooms such as the basement. Instead of leaving the room to check a confusing modem or router, Glo will let you know if your Internet is working – at a glance.

This saves you time, money, and frustration.